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Square Tube Bending

Bending square tubing is often required when doing some metal working at home or at work and finding an easy and effective way to bend your tubing will eliminate the need for expensive joints and connectors.  You also don’t want to have to spend money on replacement steel tubing, so getting it right first time is important. Don’t skip this step, find a good way to bend or shape metal.

In order to bend the tubing, you will first want to tape the one end with duct tape.  After closing off the one end, you will want to fill it with sand before closing off the other end with duct tape too.

Mark off where you need the bend to be and place the tube in a vise at the point where you want the bend to be.  You need to torch a three inch length of the tube with a torch from the point where the bend will be until it is red hot.

Next you will want to slide a larger tube over the one that you are heating up which you can use as leverage in order to bench the orginal.  As you bend the leverage tube towards yourself, you may be required to heat up the original a few times in order to get the shape and bend that you need. It can often be possible to need a special construction job.

Exhaust Tubing

There are plenty of reasons to replace or upgrade your current car, truck, or motorcycle exhaust tubing. You can increase the power of your engine by providing better airflow. If the outbound air is restricted it will suffocate the engine and not allow air to be taken in, which is crucial to combustion. Aside from allowing better airflow, larger tubes will create a much more robust engine sound. Often the muffler along with the exhaust tubing are designed to silence to engine, and make it as none-noticeable as possible. If you want an engine that lets it’s presence known, the first step  would be to buy larger exhaust tubing and replace the factory stock muffle and tubing.

On motorcycles the exhaust piping is often directly visible, and can add to the attractiveness of the bike. There is a whole art to exhaust tubing, and a wide variety of materials and finishes to choose from. The most popular is stainless steel because its ability to combat corrosion and last a long time. Water, which is a by-product of combustion, drains out of the exhaust pipe along with soot, carbon dioxide, and excess air. Water typically is very corrosive to iron and steel, but not stainless steel. Stainless steel exhaust pipes are iron with a touch of chromium. The chromium reacts with the air and creates a resistive film over the metal, protecting it from water and where it gets it “stainless” name from. Other exhaust tubing metals include aluminum and titanium.

Of course many exhaust pipes don’t just use chromium in the steel, they are also chrome plated, which is to say they are covered with a film of chromium. This provides a corrosion resist cover for you exhaust and even more desirable: a beautiful silvery, reflective finish. Polished chrome has a unique and striking visual look. Chrome plating can be expensive, so likely you will only want chrome plated exhaust tubing on a motorcycle, where the pipes are visible, there is little point in putting chrome plated tubes under your car unless you specifically intend to show off the bottom of your car.

It is also possible to craft your own custom exhaust tubes. You can buy stainless steel, steel, or other metal tubes, and bend them with either a press, or tube bender. Tube benders are surprisingly inexpensive and easy to purchase. Also, most well equipped machine shops will have them and will bend the tubes to your specifications. Obviously this can be fairly tricky to install and I wouldn’t suggest doing it unless you are familiar with custom car modifications.

The air handled by the tubes is fresh out of the engine. This means it is full of energy with both latent heat and hot air. Latent heat refers to the energy in the hot water created as a by-product of combustion. Steam is very corrosive and will damage your pipes unless you use the appropriate materials for your pipes. Soot can also clog your tubes, much like plaque clogging your arteries. The soot builds on the walls and can choke the airflow. When the engine cannot take in air it cannot completely combust the fuel and loses significant power. For these reasons it is often worthwhile to replace or clean your exhaust tubes.

Exhaust Tubing: Should You Get One?

The debate of whether or not to install aftermarket parts such as exhaust tubing on cars is a raging one. But if you are going to ask me, installing parts like this should always be a good idea, provided that you install the right parts. This is my case on why you should go for aftermarket piping on your car. In addition, I would also give some tips and precautions before you go ahead and equip your car with such a system.

The Case For A Custom Exhaust Tubing System

The main argument for those who are skeptical on how aftermarket parts work is the fact that practically all car makers spend years developing their cars to attain such level of precision. And while that is true, there are some holes to that argument, or to be more specific, mechanical flaws. Because let’s face it, it’s rare for a car to achieve perfection right out of the gate. Aftermarket parts are created in order to improve on the things the factory wasn’t able to improve on when it left the assembly line. Making improvements on the exhaust system is one step towards making your car a more formidable tool on the road.

Advantages Of Improving Your Exhaust

Theoretically, an engine works just like a human being. If you provide means for it to breathe, it’s just natural for its performance to jump up. This is why for both tuners and those involved in motorsports, the first thing they try to improve is the intake and exhaust systems of the car. This is because it’s the easiest way to improve a car’s performance without significantly altering its main working parts such as the engine, chassis, body, and gearbox. Not only does installing the right exhaust system increase horsepower, but it also improves fuel economy and other engine-related numbers. As a bonus, installing a custom exhaust system improves your engine’s sound significantly, increasing its wow factor in the process.

Things To Watch Out For When Modifying Your Exhaust Tubing

In this part, I would mention some things you must take note before installing a new tubing system. The saying “bigger is always better” doesn’t apply here. While it’s true that piping with bigger diameters can significantly help air flow and consequently performance, installing pipes that are too large can actually compromise performance, especially at the low-rpm range. Also, some find the sound generated by a car with custom exhausts to be noisy and distracting. I would also strongly suggest that you keep the catalytic converter intact, or else you’re going to risk the increased production of harmful gases and can even render your car illegal for road use.

Installing Tubes By Yourself: Possible?

In a word, yes. It is possible to install your new exhaust system by yourself. There are bolt-on pipes that you’ll just have to weld into the existing exhaust system. Some even go as far as creating a custom-made exhaust system. But if you are not quite sure, you can have a mechanic install it for you. Just make sure to install the right exhaust tubing for your car, and you’ll be alright.

Square and Rectangular Tubing

The primary function of square and rectangular tubing or pipes is to transport various substances such as gas and liquids and can be used for a range of applications including water systems, gas pipelines and oil refineries.  Most often the tubing in question is manufactured from iron, steel and brass, but others for more domestic applications can also be manufactured from fibreglass, ceramic, plastic and concrete.

When it comes to the manufacture of metal tubing, there are a range of different manufacturing standards that need to be achieved in order for the products to be used in various industries.  The three specific types of manufacturing methods include seamless, cast and also welded.  Cast pipes have all but become obsolete although there are a small number of manufacturers who still use this method.  When it comes to economical piping, the welded pipes are an excellent choice but they are not as strong as the seamless pipes and therefore cannot withstand the same amount of pressure.

Pipes Sizes and Calculations

In order to confuse issues, there are two very different measurement standards for piping around the world.  Europe have their own standard while the countries of North America adhere to another set of rules.  This is due to the different units used for measurements.  In European countries the measurements are in millimeters whilst the American measurements are calculated in inches.

Bending Square Tubing

Bending square tubing is a specialized field and is not easy to achieve domestically.  The integrity of the metal must be maintained throughout the bending process to ensure that the end product is as strong and durable as the original.  There are a range of specialists who deal with the bending of square and rectangular piping and customized machines are required in order to achieve a professional finish.  The end result is used in a wide range of construction and engineering industries and is a popular method of obtaining strength and durability whilst being able to work around corners.

Aluminium Tube Bending

If you have tried to bend a tub, you will be aware of how tough it can be to get a perfect bend on a tube. The most important factor in tube bending is the amount of pressure that is exerted on the tube to make it bend. If too much pressure is exerted, the tube can break or can collapse and this is not a good result when working with expensive metals.  There are different ways in which tubes can be bent and you can use manual or automatic options for tube bending. Black Iron Junction has been in the business of working with aluminum for many years and can bend any type of aluminum tube according to the requirements of the customer.

Aluminum tubing is used extensively in factories to carry raw materials or finished products from one end of the factory to the other for processing or packaging. In factories, tubes don’t run in straight lines and there will be the need to bend the tubes wherever required. By using state of the art technology and machines, Black Iron Junction can bend the tube while ensuring that the integrity of the tube remains intact. While bending or stretching any metal, there can be areas that can become weak spots and therefore it has to be examined to ensure that the strength of the metal is not compromised. Black Iron Junction uses modern detecting techniques to check the tubes that are bent thoroughly and will deliver the product only if it passes their stringent security checks.

One of the problems that are often seen in tube bends is the reduction in thickness of the metal tube at the bends. One side of the tube gets compressed and the other side gets extended and this can cause certain weak points in the bend that can rupture when put under pressure. Black Iron Junction uses X-ray and other methods to identify if the integrity of the tube has been compromised and if so; the tube is rejected and is not sent to the customer. Only if the tube that is bent passes the various check that Black Iron Junction does will the tube find its way to the customer and onto homes or factories.

Working with an aluminum tube is not easy and the process of bending an aluminum tube is a lot tougher than other metals. The soft nature of the metal always adds to the risk of the bend collapsing and therefore the whole process has to be done very carefully. Black Iron Junction has experiences in working with aluminum for many years and it uses that very knowledge to help them bend aluminum tubes and maintain the integrity of the tube. By using technology and the experience that they have in working with aluminum, Black Iron Junction ensures that the bend in the tube is done properly and as per the requirements while making sure that the tube is still able to withstand the temperature and the pressure that it will be subjected to.

Manual tube bending is ideal if you are only going to bend one or two tubes. But if there are a lot of tubes that have to be bent, it is a good option to opt for machines that will help you bend the tube. Using CNC tube bending machines will help you to get precise bends while not damaging the integrity of the tube. Companies like Black Iron Junction use CNC machines of most of their purposes and this allows them to stay well ahead of their competition by providing services that are unmatched. At Black Iron Junction the importance of technology is understood and the company ensures that it provides its workforce with the latest technology to help them produce high quality aluminum products.