December 27, 2016 Black Iron

Exhaust Tubing: Should You Get One?

The debate of whether or not to install aftermarket parts such as exhaust tubing on cars is a raging one. But if you are going to ask me, installing parts like this should always be a good idea, provided that you install the right parts. This is my case on why you should go for aftermarket piping on your car. In addition, I would also give some tips and precautions before you go ahead and equip your car with such a system.

The Case For A Custom Exhaust Tubing System

The main argument for those who are skeptical on how aftermarket parts work is the fact that practically all car makers spend years developing their cars to attain such level of precision. And while that is true, there are some holes to that argument, or to be more specific, mechanical flaws. Because let’s face it, it’s rare for a car to achieve perfection right out of the gate. Aftermarket parts are created in order to improve on the things the factory wasn’t able to improve on when it left the assembly line. Making improvements on the exhaust system is one step towards making your car a more formidable tool on the road.

Advantages Of Improving Your Exhaust

Theoretically, an engine works just like a human being. If you provide means for it to breathe, it’s just natural for its performance to jump up. This is why for both tuners and those involved in motorsports, the first thing they try to improve is the intake and exhaust systems of the car. This is because it’s the easiest way to improve a car’s performance without significantly altering its main working parts such as the engine, chassis, body, and gearbox. Not only does installing the right exhaust system increase horsepower, but it also improves fuel economy and other engine-related numbers. As a bonus, installing a custom exhaust system improves your engine’s sound significantly, increasing its wow factor in the process.

Things To Watch Out For When Modifying Your Exhaust Tubing

In this part, I would mention some things you must take note before installing a new tubing system. The saying “bigger is always better” doesn’t apply here. While it’s true that piping with bigger diameters can significantly help air flow and consequently performance, installing pipes that are too large can actually compromise performance, especially at the low-rpm range. Also, some find the sound generated by a car with custom exhausts to be noisy and distracting. I would also strongly suggest that you keep the catalytic converter intact, or else you’re going to risk the increased production of harmful gases and can even render your car illegal for road use.

Installing Tubes By Yourself: Possible?

In a word, yes. It is possible to install your new exhaust system by yourself. There are bolt-on pipes that you’ll just have to weld into the existing exhaust system. Some even go as far as creating a custom-made exhaust system. But if you are not quite sure, you can have a mechanic install it for you. Just make sure to install the right exhaust tubing for your car, and you’ll be alright.

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