December 27, 2016 Black Iron

Square and Rectangular Tubing

The primary function of square and rectangular tubing or pipes is to transport various substances such as gas and liquids and can be used for a range of applications including water systems, gas pipelines and oil refineries.  Most often the tubing in question is manufactured from iron, steel and brass, but others for more domestic applications can also be manufactured from fibreglass, ceramic, plastic and concrete.

When it comes to the manufacture of metal tubing, there are a range of different manufacturing standards that need to be achieved in order for the products to be used in various industries.  The three specific types of manufacturing methods include seamless, cast and also welded.  Cast pipes have all but become obsolete although there are a small number of manufacturers who still use this method.  When it comes to economical piping, the welded pipes are an excellent choice but they are not as strong as the seamless pipes and therefore cannot withstand the same amount of pressure.

Pipes Sizes and Calculations

In order to confuse issues, there are two very different measurement standards for piping around the world.  Europe have their own standard while the countries of North America adhere to another set of rules.  This is due to the different units used for measurements.  In European countries the measurements are in millimeters whilst the American measurements are calculated in inches.

Bending Square Tubing

Bending square tubing is a specialized field and is not easy to achieve domestically.  The integrity of the metal must be maintained throughout the bending process to ensure that the end product is as strong and durable as the original.  There are a range of specialists who deal with the bending of square and rectangular piping and customized machines are required in order to achieve a professional finish.  The end result is used in a wide range of construction and engineering industries and is a popular method of obtaining strength and durability whilst being able to work around corners.

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