December 27, 2016 Black Iron

Square Tube Bending

Bending square tubing is often required when doing some metal working at home or at work and finding an easy and effective way to bend your tubing will eliminate the need for expensive joints and connectors.  You also don’t want to have to spend money on replacement steel tubing, so getting it right first time is important. Don’t skip this step, find a good way to bend or shape metal.

In order to bend the tubing, you will first want to tape the one end with duct tape.  After closing off the one end, you will want to fill it with sand before closing off the other end with duct tape too.

Mark off where you need the bend to be and place the tube in a vise at the point where you want the bend to be.  You need to torch a three inch length of the tube with a torch from the point where the bend will be until it is red hot.

Next you will want to slide a larger tube over the one that you are heating up which you can use as leverage in order to bench the orginal.  As you bend the leverage tube towards yourself, you may be required to heat up the original a few times in order to get the shape and bend that you need. It can often be possible to need a special construction job.

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