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Flexible Exhaust Tubing

There are different kinds of flexible exhaust tubing in the market. Most of these are used for the exhaust systems of automobiles. The reason for its flexibility is that there are many different types of exhaust systems that are arranged independently. There is really no standard that dictates how long or how wide a car’s exhaust chamber should be. Hence, flexible exhaust tubing fits the requirements of various exhaust systems because it can bend across obstructing tubes and components, unlike hard tubes.

Flexible exhaust tubing is usually installed between the engine and the muffler, and is used to decrease engine noise and vibration. It also absorbs the muffler pipe thermal expansion and shock, thus protecting your muffler from damage and shock sustained in bumpy rides. It can also compensate for misalignments in the exhaust converter because of its flexibility. No matter how much the under chassis experience stress, these are just absorbed by the flexible exhaust tubing, proving resistance to cracks, blow outs, and leaks.

Another great advantage of flexible exhaust tubing is that it eliminates the expensive costs of customizing exhaust tubes for the car. It bends where you need it to go, and is tagged at very cheap costs, which is better than installing a custom furbished pipe.

The best type of flexible exhaust tubing available is the stainless one. It is as expensive as a galvanized or aluminized type, but will certainly last longer. The flexible exhaust hose is measured through the diameter inside. It is designed to wrap over an existing pipe and is fastened with a clamp. Band clamps are preferred over u-clamps for the reason that it has a lesser chance of leaking and has the capacity to stretch itself and give a tighter seal. It is available in sizes starting from 1.5″ diameter and up. For most diesel exhaust systems, using a size of 3.5″, 4″, or 5″ is advisable.

Flexible exhaust tubing is available online. There are many cheap products from China that have passed strict international quality standardization procedures. Cheap flexible exhaust tubing is also available in a local dealer near you whenever you order in bulk, but you have to cut the lengths by your own.

Flexible exhaust tubing has many advantages than just being flexible. It’s definitely cheaper than having a customized pipe installed in your car, it is more resistant to shock, and it reduces engine noise and absorbs pressure. Cheap and reasonably effective, it fits every automobile because of its flexibility.

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