September 19, 2017 Black Iron

Structural Tubing Uses

While it is true that structural tubing is used all around us, very few of us take any notice of it.  Without structural tubing, the architectural and industrial industries would not be what they are today.  The wide range of construction materials as well as the array of different shapes are as numerous as the uses for it from simple everyday things such as railings to shopping carts.

Steel is the most commonly used construction material for tubing and when it is manufactured, it is run through rolled metal coils in order to produce the various shapes.  Once the coils have been cut, they need to be welded together in order to produce a long tube.  In addition to the standard steel, you can also find structural tubing made from carbon, alloys, aluminium and brass.  Each has its own advantages and disadvantages and is used for a range of applications.

While we are most commonly aware of circular tubing, there are other shapes used including square, rectangular as well as oval tubing.  If you look under your vehicle, you will notice a number of components manufactured from square tubing including the framework of the vehicle itself.

Most structural tubes are chemically coated which not improves how long they last but in certain cases actually also helps with their performance.  The various chemicals used include phosphorus and sulphur and are applied in order to prevent such chemical reactions as oxidation from occurring.

Although structural tubing is one of the types of square tubing available on the market, you can also find square tubing that is used in the transfer of high pressure fluids and gases and is called pressure tubing.

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